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serveurThe server is the vital link in the company. Not only is it generally contains all company data, but it performs certain applications necessary to the operation of all positions.
There are services for the network and security (HTTP, DHCP, DNS, AD for some of the technical acronyms) but often the engine of business applications such as Exchange emails for example.
In the event of a server failure, it is the company that stops. This is why the servers are guaranteed for many years to be protected from all fault and that great care is taken to make any backups of data and databases necessary to the business.
The server is so critical, it is often changed after 3 years, while he still works very well.
Our areas of expertise:

HSM advocates equipment of large and very professional brands for the quality of the material but also their maintenance service on site. We make all our skills to offer you the quality, performance and security for your servers.
The server asks to have a Xeon processor adapted to Microsoft Windows Server versions (2008, 2012 SBS2011), a huge memory capacity, but necessary, several redundant hard drives for security and performance, and a software backup truly able to protect your data.

We secure your servers

Safety-sure he will have a good anti-virus and a good firewall, both configured with precision.
HSM chooses for you from the dozens of options and explains his choices, and so we can find so many cost differences between 2 servers with the same baseline.
In additional elements, an inverter (the servers did not like at all sudden stops), and a NAS to effectively back up all your data.