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Fourniture des équipements, installation et maintenance des réseaux ondulésOur engineers are involved in the field of corrugated electrical, Ranging from the study, from consulting to installing your ondulated current network. Including maintenance of inverters.
The main objectives: to control, secure and optimize low voltage installations in extremely varied fields such as:

  • Study and counseling;
  • Providing and conducting corrugated networks;
  • Laying and small and large capacity inverter configuration;
  • Repair of inverters.

We supply and install the best brands from 650 VA to 100 KVA: APC, EATON, MGE, UPS, etc.

Distributed architecture

Distributed architecture
The distributed architecture is used in cases where the application to be protected is not particularly critical in the presence of logistical difficulties (eg several local, existing installation, etc.).

Centralized architecture

Centralized architecture
The centralized architecture is best for the protection of the entire structure.