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Solution GateprotectBusiness data is invaluable. For businesses, ensuring its perimeter protection and protect its digital data targeted attacks from the outside and the accidental loss of data caused by their own employees, is today one of the most important requirements for the security of their systems information. Loss of customers or production data can cause damage and damage the reputation of the company long-term and destroy the result of years of expensive research and development.
To fight against attacks that target more security perimeter IT companies, the solution HARNET-SYSTEM-MALI protection of your network is simple but adapted to the challenges that your business needs to guard. Here, our IT security solution is to filter the incoming and outgoing traffic to block the said attacks, but also reduce the potential attack surface by proactively managing vulnerabilities of your network by detecting, protection and management, in the sense of continuous improvement in application security.
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We integrate different features in your security solution such as tools controlling inflows, tools for outgoing flows and for internal flows that should not be overlooked.
Integrator of gateProtect brand in Mali, one of the world’s leading IT security.