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Nos solutions de centrales VoIP et de communications SIPAn iPBX is a phone application server installed on your company’s computer network
The PBX control IP phones deployed on the computer network. It handles incoming, outgoing and internal using IP protocols for maintaining sound quality equivalent to traditional calls.
The PBX allows you to pass your calls by IP. However, if it is associated with an IP gateway (T0 or T2), it also allows you to continue to pass your calls over the traditional telephone network.

Compared to a PBX, IPBX brings natively configurable innovative features with ease through a web browser.

Do you wish change your phone system? the IPBX is probably the right solution, modern, to have a management platform and efficient services. It also now brings the benefits of IP convergence: cost savings through VoIP, unique cabling for computer and telephony, interactivity between telephones and workstations.

Turnkey solutions

New generations of PBX, now operating in IT fashion / IP bring you total flexibility and modernity. They allow you to connect to your VoIP networks and thus benefit from tarif reductions enabled by these technologies. They also help to manage multiple sites (communicating among themselves over the Internet).

Our offer of PBX and SIP communication
  • IPBX equipment (to include yourself);
  • Tailor-made solutions installed by our integration partners;
  • Tailor-made solutions installed and MSPs by our integration partners;
  • Telecom services to interconnect IP PBX VoIP telephone network: the sip trunks.