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telephonie2We provide expertise in the deployment architecture IP (VOIP, TOIP).
VoIP is the technology that bridges the gap between traditional telephony and computer. Over the years, this technology has progressed enormously and is perpetuated. The decrease in equipment and terminal costs, combined with the savings made on maintenance with the operation of a single network (henceforth no separation phone/computer) and the ease of use brings reconciliation with computers, make it a popular solution for businesses and users.
Our engineers bring you the skills to IP protocol implementation and allow you to integrate all the advantages inherent in this service:
Nos ingénieurs vous apportent les compétences nécessaires à la mise en œuvre de protocole IP et vous permettent d’intégrer tous les avantages inhérents à ce service :

  • Unified messaging, combining voicemail, fax and e-mail;
  • Voice-activated messaging;
  • Unified directories;
  • Advanced automatic distribution capabilities (ACD);
  • Pricing optimization;
  • Unified network management;
  • Internet centers consistent calls;
  • Applications coupling the telecoms and IT (CTI), such as Plug & Speak;
  • Complete set of mobile services, including roaming and multi-service convergence.

We implement economic, reliable and efficient solutions which we adapt to the needs of each client.

Turnkey sofware based solutions

As an alternative to software developed in the world of business, software are increasingly important especially with the Linux operating system and Microsoft.
We have invested in this area and know now offer turnkey solutions.

Our offers
  • Advice;
  • Integration solutions;
  • Development;
  • Training Course;
  • Assistance and support;