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Services de téléphonie classique, de Standard téléphonique et de communication unifiéeEnterprise telephony is an essential communication tool. Whether landline or mobile, companies will be equipped to meet the communication needs of their various services. To meet these needs, HARNET-SYSTEM-MALI offers scalable solutions that guarantee the same quality of communications, your company only has a few users or tens of thousands of users. Our flexible architectures offer an unrivaled range of deployment options. Our wide range of resilience tools minimizes costs and maximizes reliability. For PBX or IP business solutions, HSM is a partner of manufacturers ALCATEL, SIEMENS, AASTRA, ERICSSON, PANASONIC and many manufacturers and suppliers in the most varied applications, Voice Mail, Auto Zetes, Digital Recorder of calls, Intercom, Portier phone …. HSM has a wide range of PBX solutions, VoIP, multi settings positions of sites networks, computer telephony integration (CTI), digital PBX, SIP … We advise our customers the best solution for their needs and developments. The performance and quality of the material that we offer is a guarantee of satisfaction for those who have trusted us. Rich in knowledge, our company offers solutions that meet the requirements and expectations of users in the most varied fields. HSM has developed a wide customer base varied activity among SMEs / SMIs, professionals, institutions and is also present in large companies.