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Conception et mise en œuvre d’architectures convergentes, voix, données, imageOur expertise covers all connection technologies and physical assets to ensure a distribution of all media items to users with quality guarantees, sustainability and scalability.
Modern technologies allow to save costs, such as using a single cable to switch the phone and computer, but requires real mastery to achieve a functional result. At the same time, the simplest solutions are often the most reliable. HSM then designs a custom network to meet the needs, large or small, of the company.

To enable you to communicate more “intelligently” HSM makes integration of your VDI networks (voice, data, images). For this we propose a set of dedicated and secure solutions that provide ease of use and optimal performance.
Conception et mise en œuvre d’architectures convergentes, voix, données, image

  • Consulting, design and engineering network architecture;
  • Supply, installation and configuration of equipment “active”: switches, routers, core networks, etc.);
  • Management, prioritization and security of your various IP flows (data, voice, video);
  • Protection and network security: firewall installation and setup;
  • “Intelligent” networks: resilience of facilities and backup links;
  • Setting driven networks (filtering, VLAN, VPN);
  • Network configuration for multi-site enterprise;
  • Installation integration and security of your wireless networks;
  • Mobility solution for your employees traveling or telecommuting.

HSM brings its expertise in this area to properly size and design installation, perform and commit the result. These analysis and consulting services are included in our network offers (hardware, wiring configurations) but also in the framework of assistance and outsourcing contracts.