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Fourniture, Installation et Soudure des liaisons par Fibre Optique pour les entreprisesCompanies have a growing need for data exchange. Fiber optic technology today allows to manage such flows by offering high-speed broadband networks, quality and unparalleled performance yet.
Subcontractor of the largest construction companies and others, the HSM technicians benefit from advanced equipment and a lot of experience to achieve your fiber installation.
HSM: Fiber Optic Solution Offer
  • Une phase d’étude et de conseil sur la faisabilité technique de votre projet d’équipement en fibre optique;
  • L’installation et l’interconnexion de vos bâtiments jusqu’aux terminaux locaux en fibre optique;
  • L’adaptation de la fibre optique à votre infrastructure.
We do:
  • The draw your optical fibers;
  • The installation of optical plates in wiring closets;
  • Fusion welding of single-mode fiber and multimode Validation/reflectometry.

In order to verify and qualify its facilities, HSM offers the recettage fiber network (with delivery of a recipe book), tests and certifies all of its facilities with advanced devices.

Benefits of Fiber Optic solutions

The optical fiber surely is currently the best way to carry very high digital information flows. The needs in this area are likely to increase dramatically in the near future. The optical fiber has advantages:

  • High transfer rate information (up to terabits/s);
  • Low attenuation transport over long distances;
  • Immunity against electromagnetic interference: no crosstalk (interference);
  • Safety in explosive atmospheres (no sparks);
  • Discretion of the link (small footprint);
  • Resistance to corrosion and high temperatures.