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Fourniture et Maintenance complète de tous vos équipements informatiquesHSM offers providing solutions and complete installation and maintenance of all your computer equipment, networks, multimedia and telecommunications. The quality and keeps it around your IT infrastructure is a major challenge of your business operation
We offer a range of ad hoc IT services tailored to Corporates, SMEs and Individuals. Simplify your life, call in a professional to bring you expertise in engineering practice.
We are specialized in IT support and troubleshooting home or your place of your work. Efficient technicians available and your listening. Trust us with your projects, this is the magic formula for a successful intervention.

Your partner troubleshooting and computer maintenance

Our areas of expertise: PC and Server (XP, Vista, Seven, Windows Server 2008 and 2012 Server, Linux), MAC, Printers, Internet, Networks, IP telephony, and digital and multimedia solutions.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Software

A solution to your problems on any type of software: Whether preventive or corrective way our technicians work on all software, office suite, management software, medical software, graphics software editions …
We can also solve your security problems, viruses and other infections that could endanger your data. We advise you on the proper use and good practices.

Our advantages: