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HARNET-SYSTEM MALI is a multinational company, born of the creative passion of the young engineers right Malian, this company is full of talent to meet your requirements by providing you with appropriate solutions whether in Computers, telephones, electricity corrugated, fiber optic, IT security, etc.
HARNET-SYSTEM MALI assist you in all your IT projects such as:

  • Sale of Computer hardware, telephony, fiber optics, etc;
  • Study and Implementation of IT projects and communication;
  • Design, construction and maintenance of telephony projects;
  • Design, construction and maintenance of computer networks and systems;
  • Management and acquisition of computer software licenses;
  • Development of specific software at the request of companies;
  • Design, installation and maintenance of electrical networks wavy;
  • Design, installation and maintenance of VSAT;
  • Virtualization, automation, and advanced server management;
  • Security management of information and business communication systems;
  • Consulting, planning and installation of sites by optical fiber (single mode and multimode)
  • Design and installation of point to point radios and Point – Multipoint (Alvarion, Radwin, Ubiquiti, Motorola, etc.);
  • Office and computer training – Transfer of jurisdiction;
  • Assistance to companies in the monitoring of IT projects and communication;
  • Integration and installation of hardware and software;
  • Design and installation of video surveillance.
We are leader in consulting and installation of fiber optic interconnections!
Our Partners

To always be at the highest level, HARNET-SYSTEM MALI surrounded himself leading partners on the network and telecommunications infrastructure market: ALCATEL-LUCENT, CISCO, Siemens, Panasonic, HP, DELL …